L181 Peppermint Pleco
L181 Peppermint Pleco

L181 Peppermint Pleco

$ 45.00

Type: Freshwater

Difficulty: Easy

Size: ~2" Unsexed

My Tank Parameters:
Tap water
pH ~7.8
Temperature ~75 – 85F
USA bred / Tank Raised by Purely Aquatic

Suggestion/Tips: Have driftwood and plenty of veggies for the plecos. Similar to L183 Starlight but these will not have white seam as adults and only have 7-8 soft rays

Warning: Colors may fade upon arrival due to stress, allow a few days for them to settle in to regain their true colors.

Other Names: L71, L249, Peppermint bristlenose

Note: USA shipping only. Can not ship internationally. Images are example of the fish and can vary from fish to fish.

DOA Overnight: Must take a picture of the bag unopened within 4 hours of delivery. Buyer will need to pay for shipping again on all replacement fish.

DOA USPS Priority:  None, while DOA is rare/low even with USPS priority, please understand you're taking the risk of possible delays/long delivery time by not choosing overnight.