Eco Ball

1. My Eco Ball has cracks.

Eco Balls are sun dried for 2 days before it's packaged. The cracks are a natural occurrence, but they don't affect the Eco Ball's performance. Your Eco Ball can be smoothed away and reformed during the rehydration process. See the instruction video for details.

 2. I soaked the Eco Ball in water but it's still hard.

Over time, the Eco Ball will absorb the water and soften. Every Eco Ball varies in rehydration time. Start with the recommended time Small (~15-20 min), Medium (~20-30 min) and Large (~30-40 min). For the best result, you can soak one side of the Eco Ball overnight. You don't want it to turn muddy when planting. If this occurs, simply shape it back into a ball and let it dry for a few hours and repeat this step.

3. I'm a beginner. What plants should I use for my Eco Ball?

We recommend using emersed plants such as Moss, Dwarf Baby Tears and Bacopa for beginners.

4. When do I need to fertilize the Eco Ball?

After about 6 months, place a root tab into the Eco Ball to replenish the nutrients, or dose the water column.

5. Why is it out of stock?

Since these are hand made, the Eco Balls are made once a week at limited quantities for each size.


1. My plants don't look like the pictures on the site.

The pictures on the site depict mature versions of the plants. The trims you received are usually younger versions of the plant. Your plant can grow slightly different depending on your lighting and tank environment.

 2. What's the difference between submerged and emersed ?

Submerged means the plants are grown under water. Emersed means the plant are grown outside of water. If you plan on buying the emersed version and grow it submerged or vice versa, the plants will melt back.

3. How come things are always out of stock?

Most of the plants are home grown which takes about 3-4 weeks before it becomes available to sell. Please come back and check the website for availability.

4. Is it safe to ship plants via USPS Priority?

Yes, we've been shipping plants via USPS Priority for years with very low cases of DOA or issues. When there is an issue in weather or delays, most of the time the package is delayed 1 additional day.