Blue Teal Discosoma Mushroom
Blue Teal Discosoma Mushroom

Blue Teal Discosoma Mushroom

$ 10.00

Type: Saltwater

Difficulty: Easy

My Tank Parameters:
Light - 150 PAR
Salinity - 1.025
Alk - 8 dKH
Ca - 400 ppm
Mg - 1280 ppm
Temperature ~76-83F
USA bred/Aquacultured

Suggestion/Tips: Recommend dipping all corals to remove any unwanted pest. Drip acclimate all corals to allow them to transition to the new tank parameters.

Warning: Corals may take a few days to open up due to stress. Recommend USPS Express shipping for all corals. If you do decide to pick USPS Priority for cheaper shipping cost, this will be at your own risk. No refunds/replacement will be issue if USPS Priority is selected for corals.

Other Names: Blue Mushroom, Blue Shroom, Teal Mushroom, Teal Shroom

Note: Shipping is only in USA. Can not ship internationally. Images were taken under 7K lighting 

DOA: Only applies if USPS Express was selected. Must take a picture of the bag unopened within 4 hours of delivery. Buyer will need to pay for shipping again on all replacement corals.