Blue Dream Shrimp Culls
Blue Dream Shrimp Culls

Blue Dream Shrimp Culls

$ 20.00

Type: Freshwater

Difficulty: Easy

Size: ~0.25”+ 

My Tank Parameters:
Tap water
pH ~7.8
gH ~6
kH ~6
TDS ~120-250
Temperature ~74 – 85F
USA bred

Pack: x15 (+1 for DOA), x30 (+2 for DOA), x45 (+4 for DOA)

Suggestion/Tips: Add almond leaves and calcium to promote healthy growth

Warning: These are Blue Dream culls which are not full solid blues. Many of them are dull to blue in color (ranging from low to medium grade). The culls have the ability to produce higher grade shrimps. Males are duller in color than females.

Other Names: Blue Shrimp, Neocaridina Davidi

Note: USA shipping only. Can not ship internationally. Images below are example shrimps and solid red pictures are the main colony the culls came from.

DOA: Must take a picture of the bag unopened within 4 hours of delivery. Buyer will need to pay for shipping again on all replacement shrimps.